2 Great Results When You Recycle Your Old Tires

Old Tires for RecyclingMany people overlook the advantages of recycling their worn tires, not knowing the many advantages it bears. The article highlights some of the essential benefits that result from the tire recycling process.

Many motorists do not give much thought to what happens to the tires on their cars once they wear out. In most instances, drivers pile their old tires in their garage until such a time they run out space and put them out with the trash. Such an approach only serves to pollute the environment since tires are fully recyclable. In fact, you could get into legal trouble if you dispose of your old tires at a landfill. Instead of putting them out with the trash, you can drop them off at the local tire dealer or a recycling facility.

Give Them a New Lease of Life

Tires of all sizes are recyclable and could provide rubber, nylon, and steel components. The recycling centers spread across the US recycle more 110 million tires each year to provide them with a new lease on life.

Using special off-the-road (OTR) tire disposal equipment, they shred the tires into small granules. Either by cryogenic grinding or ambient shedding, the machines grind the tires into crumb rubber. The fine rubber granules are then molded into new tires. Other than creating new tires, the crumb rubber is useful in producing synthetic turf and rubberized asphalts. Roads made from recycled rubber are smoother and last longer than the regular variety.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Recycling tires releases lower amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. In fact, the carbon emission from the standard tire production process is 20 times higher than recycling old tires. Recycling is gentle on the Earth, as it involves no mining activity whatsoever. A reduction in industrial activity also lowers carbon emission, reducing the severity of global warming.

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Recycling also lowers the cost of production and ensures a steady supply of rubber in the market. At the domestic level, you can opt to use the worn tires as a toy or use them as a pot in flower gardens. Recycling tires at home eliminate the need to settle for the manufactured varieties.

Recycling tires bear many advantages to the environment and the economy at large. It ensures a steady supply of rubber products at an affordable rate. You don’t have to throw that old tire to the landfill; go to a tire recycling center and do your part to save the Earth.

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