3 Mistakes That Can Shorten Your Car’s Lifespan

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, May 12, 2017 | 432 views

Man talking to the mechanic about his carBy the time your car reaches its fifth birthday, you may have started thinking about trading or selling it because you’re experiencing performance issues. While newer car models offer different features, your car can last for 10 to 15 years if you take care of it.

Your car can go through premature ageing because of maintenance mistakes you don’t know you’re committing, though. Avoid spending a lot of money on maintenance and extra purchases by knowing the common reasons for quick wear:

Not Using Your Car Regularly

There are plenty of reasons why you may not use your car frequently: you may have great access to public transport or gas prices have recently gone up. The more your car idles, though, the more it could develop serious issues. This includes the build-up of a milky sludge due to moisture. If you cannot take your vehicle for a drive at least once a month, it’s best to sell it.

Not Following Car Instruction Manuals

Car maintenance is a must, but certain vehicles might require regular check-ups on specific parts. Aside from the usual car maintenance process, refer to your manual. In there, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on what to check and other maintenance tips.

Not Replacing Fuel Filters

When it comes to potential car engine problems, it’s not only the oil you need to worry about. You should also consider your fuel, which can be dirty. It may contain materials like flaked paint or rust that can get into your engine unless you have a good-quality and working fuel filter.

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Fluid filters need maintenance, and the best time to replace them depends on the vehicle model. For instance, you may need a new Ford Ranger fuel filter once the vehicle has travelled about 12,000 miles.

These are small, but fundamental changes that have an enormous impact on your car’s longevity. Keep them in mind, and you’ll get the most of your expensive investment.



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