3 Must-Know Tips for Winterising Your Car

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Jul 20, 2018 | 276 views

Car tires on snowy roadDuring winter, you will find most roads full of ice and snow. This makes them more slippery and unsafe for drivers. During such times, you must be mindful of your driving habits. You need to slow down around corners and junctions. Start braking while still a safe distance away, so the vehicle will have enough time to stop fully.

In addition, give other motorists ample space and time to avoid sliding and skidding. Find out how your vehicle can withstand extreme winter conditions.

1. Change wiper blades

The last thing you want is worn out and inefficient wiper blades when you are deep into the winter spell. Such blades cannot wipe snow off your windscreen clearly. It is, therefore, important to buy new ones before the winter sets in. It’s also advisable that you select a quality set that can last until the end of the season.

2. Check your car battery

Cold temperatures will slow down the chemical reactions in your battery. This translates to low energy output, which may not be strong enough to power your car. Besides, your engine needs more power from the battery to start off your vehicle during the cold days.

You need the help of a mobile mechanic in Auckland to test your battery to see if you need to replace it. If it’s still in good condition, ask them to check for corrosion, clean it, tighten loose wiring, and add distilled water if necessary.

3. Get snow tyres

Experts suggest that you rest old regular tires and buy ones that are designed for snowy and icy roads. These tyres have strong tread patterns that provide sufficient grip and traction, minimising the risks of skidding and sliding. Besides, they are made of rubber that is softer and boosts tyre flexibility and stability.

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Versing yourself in the ways of winterising your vehicle spares you the heartache that comes with the winter spell. Besides, carrying out the above maintenance works should not be difficult for anyone who gets the help of a professional.

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