3 Pro Tips to Buying Genuine Auto Parts

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Dec 15, 2017 | 439 views

Car partsThe car parts industry can be a startling one. Often, clients call a dealership with the hopes for a great deal only to be shocked to get a quote that’s ten times higher than they expect. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting car owners fall into this trap.

How do you go about getting a genuine part at a reasonable price then? Follow these tips:

Conduct some online research

There are many websites dedicated to car parts in Auckland and the rest of Australia. Never hit the local dealership without checking these sites. You need to have an idea of the price of the item you’re looking for. As soon as you’ve seen what online stores are offering, compare it with the prices in your area. Then make an informed decision on which store you’ll buy from, or you could choose to buy online.

If buying online, verify

More people are opting to shop online because it’s more convenient and sometimes, much cheaper. It’s important to verify the specific item you need before it’s shipped to your place. Who knows, a car part may take weeks to reach you, especially if you’re buying it from an overseas seller. Call the dealer first to confirm the part number to be sure.

Bargain smartly

Veteran buyers of car parts know that most sellers will be willing to match the prices of their competitors. Don’t hesitate to haggle if you have done your research and know what the prices are around where you live. However, you need to be smart and not exaggerate. Usually, the seller could also be aware of what everyone in the area is offering. Once they know what you’re quoting is unrealistic, they may not be too eager to do business with you.

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Buying the right car part does not have to seem like a confusing maze. With some due diligence, you can approach the whole process like an expert and not just get a fitting piece, but at a great price, too.

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