3 Reasons Side Stream Filters are Necessary

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017 | 236 views

stream filters
Side stream filtration is the partial filtering of liquid, which is up to 10% of the total water flow rate in cooling tower systems. It’s known to reduce corrosion rates and prolong equipment life.

There has been an ongoing debate whether a side stream filter for cooling towers is necessary or simply a huge added cost that ruins your budget. After all, if your plant’s cooling towers are already functionally well, why do you need to spend on an add-on?

Here are three good reasons why you should invest in this add-on for the cooling towers of your plants:

Benefit # 1:

Unclarified water is high in either iron or suspended solids, such as microbiological growths, corrosion products, and wood fibres. Without a side stream filter, these heavy solids can cause many problems that could leave to strains in the manufacturing plants. If left unaddressed, it can lead to even bigger expenses.

Benefit # 2:

Side-stream filters can improve and extend the life of your equipment. It helps reduce corrosion rates, keeps the system cleaner and improves heat-transfer rates. Overall, it helps improve business efficiency and helps maximise your business investments due to less mechanical wear.

Benefit #3:

Side-stream filters help remove both live and dead microorganisms, which means it reduces the need for chlorine. In turn, it helps reduce operational costs. This add-on also allows the treatment program to operate at its best efficiency and therefore improving business value.

It is no secret that procuring a side stream filter for your plant’s cooling towers is a huge expense. In terms of cost, it can be daunting for most business owners to push through with a capital expense. The advantages and benefits you can get, however, will not only improve business and operational efficiency. It can also improve and extend the life of your investments, including the cooling towers, which is the long-term goal of every manufacturing plant.

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