4 Top Things to Inspect when Buying a Used Car

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Feb 5, 2018 | 252 views

Cars for saleWhen buying a used car, it’s important that you ascertain that you’re getting one in good shape. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the midst of problems down the road. Car repairs can be quite expensive. To make a smart purchase, here are a few parts you need to ensure are in perfect order.

The car’s engine

That used Ford for sale in Bradenton may look clean and shiny in the pictures, but appearances mean nothing if there’s all manner of problems under the hood, says SRQ Auto LLC. Take the time to see the car in person, and inspect the engine. Look for signs of corrosion and leaks. Try starting the engine and notice whether there are funny noises. Take a test drive to see whether the engine loses power or runs just fine.

The body panel

Usually, the seller will at least wash and wax the car in preparation for sale. If the seller hasn’t done that, then you have the right to question their seriousness in car maintenance. Still, check for signs of dents, rust, rot and scratches. Inspect the roof, too. Check whether the paint is even. See if the doors and windows open smoothly.

The tires

Trust the car’s tires to give you some valuable information about the car’s history. Carefully look at tire wear. If they still look in good shape, that’s a good sign. Check whether all four tires are the same. If they’re different, then know they were replaced.

The car’s interior

Now that you’re okay with the exterior of the car, it’s time to check out the inside. Does the upholstery show signs of rips, stains or cuts? What is the condition of the speedometer, seats and floor? Check the cooling system too. If everything looks in good condition, you may now want to start the negotiation process.

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Getting a car that’s in good shape is the best investment you can make when you’re not looking to buy new. With some preparation and diligence, finding a great deal should be a breeze for you.

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