Aluminum Welding in Edmonton: Why Pre-Cleaning Is Important

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 | 407 views

A welder at workWhether it is for small- or large-scale purposes, you will need to do aluminum welding from time to time. If you have welded before, you can attest that aluminum it is a tough job to do. But, do you know what makes this even tougher? Working on a surface that is not ready for welding.

The Significance of Cleaning

Pre-weld cleaning is an essential practice before welding. It not only makes the welding easy for you but also gives you an appropriate surface on which to work. There are, however, two steps of cleaning, as a specialist in aluminum welding in Edmonton advises.

1. Removing Contaminants from the Weld Area

This involves removing the greases, oils, and other hydrocarbons from the base of the weld area. Hydrocarbons contain hydrogen, and when it gets into the welding arc, the hydrogen gas dissociates and causes porosity in your weld.

Cleaning this welding area with a rag and a degreasing solvent will remove them and other contaminants. Some of these solvents include toluene and acetone.

2. Removing Oxides

The second step of cleaning the weld area is eliminating any oxides from the weld surfaces. You can use a powdered stainless steel brush, but if the steel brush is not powdered, you can use a soft brush and scrub using light strokes.

The other method to clean the weld area is common in large-scale applications. You can also choose to immerse the weld area in an alkaline solution to clean the weld area.

Pre-welding is a vital practice to give you a defect-free weld. If you have been experiencing porosity issues with your weld, do not be quick to point at the quality of the welding wire or the shielding gas. The problem could be due to inadequate pre-weld cleaning.

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Welding is a process that entails thorough preparation in order to get right. If not, you risk a sloppy welding job, and nobody wants that.

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