Avoid a Breakdown with These Easy Car Maintenance Tasks

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016 | 454 views

Car Maintenance You can reduce the chances of your car suddenly breaking down in two ways. One, the more important of the two, is to follow your car’s maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer.

Two, is to perform these six quick maintenance tasks regularly.

  1. Check, and if needed, change your oil. Ensure that your engine lasts as long as it should with routine filter and oil changes.
  2. Check differential and transmission oils. Although these don’t require regular servicing, they need replacement according to the recommended schedule set by your car’s manufacturer. Use only gear oil or transmission fluid that matches the recommended viscosity and type.
  3. Flush out, clean the cooling system, and replace the coolant every year. A half and half mix of distilled water and coolant will aid in keeping the cooling system in optimum condition and stop corrosion and residue from collecting inside.
  4. All moving parts in your car require grease to function perfectly, so ensure that you lube everything that needs grease regularly. Lubricate driveline parts like U-joints as well.
  5. You should check, clean, and then repack your wheel bearings (use appropriate bearing grease) based on the recommended service schedule. Grease and bearings are more affordable than replacing hubs and spindles, or your precious 17-inch Fuchs wheels rolling down the road just because you failed to take care of them. Note, however, that you should also know when to let go of your beloved wheels and get new ones, FuchsfelgeUSA.com advises.
  6. Your brake fluid is inherently hygroscopic, meaning that it naturally attracts moisture. However, moisture is bad for your brakes since it could cause your braking components to corrode and ultimately malfunction. To avoid this, make sure to flush out the system and replace your brake fluid yearly.
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While these maintenance tasks are relatively straightforward, if you really don’t know how to do these things by yourself, best bring your car to the pros. Taking excellent care of your car can mean the difference between owning a dependable, durable car and a car that breaks down on you at the most inopportune times.

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