Behind the Wheel: Road Safety Pointers

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Jan 15, 2016 | 647 views

Road Safety and AwarenessRoad safety requires that both the driver and the pedestrian to take note of all the traffic rules and regulations. Nonetheless, drivers should adhere to several measures to prevent collisions and accidents on the road.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are behind the wheel:

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Always check your car before hitting the road. Make sure the brakes and other safety features are working properly. LRC Automotive suggests taking your car to your local auto technician for regular tune-ups.

Maintain a Gap Between Your Vehicle and the One in Front

Keep a two-second gap from the motorist ahead at whatever speed you are travelling. In case it is raining, at night or in the presence of fog, double the gap to four seconds.

Observe Lane Discipline

Keep left—always stay at the right lane. When overtaking or turning, use your indicators at least 25 meters before picking a different lane to alert other road users. Ensure you have enough room for overtaking before moving back to your lane. Use a different lane only when yours is blocked by road constructions, or it is being used for other purposes.

Follow Road Signs and Lights

You should stop behind the stop lines, pedestrian crossing lanes, and other warning signs. Adhere to the speed limit signs; slow down on sharp bends or areas where there are many pedestrians.

Practise Driver Courtesy

Be courteous to other road users. Give other drivers space to move from one lane to another. The horn should only be used as a warning sign; don’t use it to frustrate other drivers. Keep your eyes open for pedestrians and cyclists to avoid accidents.

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Observing the pointers mentioned can make a big difference when it comes to road safety. After all, any driver would want to have a smooth, accident-free journey.

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