Building Your Own Machine Shop: For a Car Hobbyist

Modern Machine ShopHobbyists and enthusiasts, or do-it-yourself (DIY) fans, can make better use of their garage. If you have a garage at home that you’re using to keep your car, or as a storage room, time to rethink the design so it can fit your machining pursuit.

There are many applications for a garage converted into a modern machine shop or something similar. Car restoration, tinkering with inventions, keeping an astronomy lab, a place for working on your art, building scale models, tool fabrication, startup headquarters — you name it, and your garage is the perfect place in your home for it.

Tools for a Modern Machine Shop

Depending on what you intend to do in your garage, there are tools that you should acquire. But for a modern machine shop for, say, car enthusiasts and tool fabricators, these are the likely candidates:

  1. Car lift. Get a Titan 2 Post Lift, so you can easily work on the under chassis of your car, whether for fixing it, customizing, or restoring. It’s easier than using jacks or other ways of lifting a car. According to JMC Equipment, it’s also safer.
  2. Mini-lathes. If you’re into customization or fashioning specific car parts (custom grilles, etc.), you’ll need a way to shape and cut metal. Mini-lathes provide this service with better safety and precision. Industrial lathes may be too expensive and too bulky.
  3. Welding machine. A welding torch can be handy if you have to cut metal pieces so they’ll fit your purpose. Of course, welding two pieces together is the most common function. You have a choice between a machine that uses electricity or one that uses a gas, such as acetylene.
  4. Car tools. Of course, you can’t work on a car if you don’t have the most basic tools, from wrenches to telescoping mirrors and magnets. You can buy these tools in sets. Your car probably comes with a free set of basic tools, as well. You can also buy additional pieces as needed.
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Having your own machine shop is important when you have to fix a broken vehicle. But it’s also handy for when you need a place to relax and enjoy what you like doing.

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