Car Collecting: Reminders For The Aspiring Collector

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Jun 16, 2017 | 372 views

Row of Classic Cars

Perhaps every car enthusiast has dreamed of collecting their favorite vehicles. Not everyone can indulge this passion, however, because — let’s face it — you may need considerable amounts of disposable cash to even get started.

If what you’re collecting are vehicles that are neither expensive nor rare, then you can probably set aside a few hundred bucks now and then to build your collection. If you’re into unique classic cars, however, you may need a little more dough. For those who do have that kind of money, why not? 

A collection is a collection and it feeds a passion, whether it’s sneakers, comic books, or rare driving machines. Here are some reminders you’d do well to read before starting your collection:

Car collecting is not just about the car’s price tag

When you collect vehicles, you can’t simply consider how much the car costs, but how much it’s worth. Aside from the price, consider the story behind the vehicle. It may be an old car, but if there’s no story behind it and it’s neither rare nor special, you have to truly like the car to buy it.

You need a safe place for storage

One car hardly makes a collection. A real collection may not fit in your garage. Before buying more than one vehicle, consider investing in storage. You can have a facility built at home if you have space, or you can buy or rent a property. What matters is you have access to the cars at all times. What’s the point of collecting vehicles if you have to travel for miles just to drive them?

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You have to be willing to drive the cars

Collectors may be happy just looking at their babies, but the real fun is in driving them. Besides, cars were not made to sit forever. What’s the point of rescuing a classic if you never drive it anyway? Not only does it help the car, but you also get to experience it. The experience of driving old cars is as unique as the cars themselves after all.

That being said, collector cars have lots of miles, so it may not be a good thing to use them as daily drivers. Besides, you don’t want to subject them to long hours at the mercy of the elements. Use them as weekend cars or as your vehicles for special occasions.

You can collect old cars, rare cars, American classics, affordable imports, race cars; you can use a theme like a designer, era, manufacturer, etc. What matters is what the cars mean to you. Collecting may not exactly be peanuts, but if it gives you happiness and satisfaction, who can stop you?

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