Car Engine Reconditioning: Why Do It?

Car EngineMany refer to have their damaged engine either reconditioned or replaced with a reconditioned one. In fact, there are many engine reconditioning firms in Perth where you can buy a reconditioned engine for a relatively less but with almost the same quality as the brand new. defines reconditioning as the process of repairing and renovating engine components to bring back its former function. This process often entails overhauling, or the disassembly of engine to repair or replace its damaged components.

Here is why an engine needs to be overhauled:

Compression Loss

This occurs when there is low pressure inside one or more of your engine’s cylinder, hence its name. An engine cylinder houses the piston, which pushes the crank shaft through combustion. As the engine’s crank shaft propels, it creates the power the engine needs to move the vehicle. When pressure escapes from the cylinder through the valves and the piston rings, the car tends to run roughly or lose its pull.

During an engine overhaul because of compression loss, repairers may choose to replace the valves or the piston ring, or they may realign the bore (distance between the piston and the piston’s cylinder) to prevent pressure from escaping.

Excessive Oil Consumption

If you notice that your engine’s dipstick displays a low level of oil even after topping up, it might be that your engine is leaking oil. Running an engine with low oil level could damage its components, wearing it out much more quickly.

For an engine overhaul because of excessive oil consumption, engine repairers may have to replace leaky valves and valve guide seals. In most cases, engine oil leakage may also be a result of a worn-out head gasket, and so replacing the gasket with a new one could also be among the solutions.

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Having a reconditioned engine doesn’t mean you are getting only the second best. By getting your engine reconditioned or replacing your engine with a reconditioned one, you get the best performance without too much of a cost.

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