Car Sales, Wildlife-Related Collisions Increase in Colorado

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Nov 27, 2017 | 368 views

new car security device and keysThe number of registered cars in Colorado reached more than 155,000 in the first nine months of 2017, as opposed to more than 144,300 units last year, amid an increase in wildlife-related collisions in the last four years as well.

Tim Jackson, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association president, said that the increase stemmed from damaged cars due to hail in Colorado. Those who live in specific corridors particularly bought new and used vehicles as replacements.

Wildlife Crashes

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said that collisions in 2016 claimed the lives of over 4,600 deer, which is significantly higher than around 3,000 deer in 2013. The largest number of vehicle collisions in 2016 happened in Southwest and Northwest Colorado. These areas accounted for 4,151 of the 6,858 reported collisions.

CPW advised drivers to slow down, especially when swerving, as moderate speeds allow you to react faster and better in case an animal suddenly appears on the road. If you live in Lakewood, brake service and repairs are necessary to keep your car in good condition. It ensures that you avoid colliding with animals and stay safe on the road.

Car Registrations

The increase in car sales represented a 14.7% year-over-year growth in cars and light trucks in September. Colorado’s high registration numbers exceeded the national average, which only increased 6% in the same period last year.

New light truck registrations also increased 10.4% between January and September. Sales of Jaguar, Volkswagen, Infiniti, Toyota, and Nissan recorded growth of at least 13%. Jackson said that the “economic dynamics” helped in uplifting car sales in the country more than the nationwide figures. If there is one side effect to the increase in car sales in the state, it might be the growing number of animal-related collisions.

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As more people in Colorado own cars, it is important that you check your vehicle for any problems on brakes and other parts. It’s also imperative to drive safely to avoid accidents caused by animals or by human error.

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