Considerations When Looking for a Disc Harrow in Australia

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Jul 10, 2017 | 286 views

Tractor with disc harrow

When looking to buy a harrow in Australia, you obviously want to get one that not only handles the task well but also can offer you an extended service life. So, if you are planning for your next set of disc harrows, here are three tips that will make your search for the right one quite easy, fast and precise.

The Heavier, The Better

There is no need for the tractors to have to force the three point hitch downwards; get a harrow that is heavy enough that its weight alone can force the discs sufficiently deep into the soil. Going for a lighter disc harrow means you will have to stack heavy blocks on it to increase the weight, which is unsafe and could lead to frustration.

Determine the Style of the Discs

Harrows are available with either notched or smooth disc; the choice of your disc depends on the type of soil you have on your property. Hard, clay-like grounds call for notched discs, and if your ground is sand-like, then a smooth-edged disc is what you need. Many manufacturers can mix these two disc styles upon request.

Confirm the Angle of the Gangs

The angle of the gangs is responsible for giving the disc harrow their ploughing ability. For this reason, the gangs should be in the largest angle possible. You will want to confirm that the gangs are not in a fixed position so that the disc harrow will move over the soil smoothly and not tear up the ground as it should. If you plan to be changing the harrowing angle from time to time according to your soil conditions, an adjustable disc harrow will be the best option to pick.

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The above are three of the primary factors you should consider when choosing a disc harrow in Australia. However, how long your disc harrow will serve you is dependent on your maintenance practices; disc harrows require constant greasing of the axles and tightening of the bolts, so be sure to do these as well.


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