Cycling 101: 3 Functions Bikes Serve Today

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018 | 236 views

woman planning to go bicycle riding through the woodsThe bicycle is perhaps one of the most important inventions of man. Said to be first introduced in the 1800s in Europe, bikes are as useful as ever more than a hundred years later. From a unicycle to an inexpensive cargo bike, these rides never go out of style.

Below are three functions bicycles serve today.

Daily Transport

More and more people now use bikes as their primary mode of transportation. Many office workers, for example, ride their commuting bicycles to and from work. Some businesses use inexpensive cargo bikes to pick up or deliver goods.

Bicycles are likewise used for mundane errands, like going to the grocery or collecting dry cleaning. The growing preference to ride bikes for daily activities is mainly due to the drive to go green, to save on fuel and parking costs, and to avoid traffic jams.

Fitness Regimens

As it’s a great form of exercise, many people include riding a bike in their fitness routines. Cycling makes use of almost all the body’s major muscle groups, so it’s considered a full-body workout. It improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, stamina, coordination, and even body posture.

Plus, using a bike lets the rider enjoy the outdoors, making for one fun and effective form of exercise. The most commonly used bicycles for exercising are cyclocross and road bikes.

Leisure Activities

Bicycles are also used by many people for leisure. There are those who enjoy riding their mountain bikes for some off-road or downhill cycling. Stunt cycling, ramp riding, and racing on dirt tracks with BMX bikes are also very popular activities, especially for thrill seekers.

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People participate, as a hobby, in triathlon events featuring cycling, while others simply go for a ride around their neighborhood on tandem bikes for fun.

Bicycles have been around for almost two centuries now. With their evolving uses, such as for transport, fitness, and leisure, bikes are definitely here to stay.

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