Drive Good Bargains: Guidelines for Buying and Selling Used Cars

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 | 707 views

Car BuyBuying a second-hand car in New Zealand will save you money, especially if you are just vacationing for a short time. Similarly, selling a used car in the country is financially beneficial because you will earn more once you take the necessary measures.

Either way, both ventures will reap positive results when you know the basic principles while going through them.

Advice on Purchasing

When you buy a second-hand car, the first question is where. There are plenty of car exhibits in key cities. Broadsheet ads are good sources too, while going straight to automobile traders is a likely option to see their selection of models.

Because it is second-hand, it is wise to examine everything about the car. Check for rust and engine problems and don’t forget to bring a trustworthy person who will identify all possible repair issues.

You will still need to verify the car’s Warrant of Fitness (WOF) certifying its safety. Worn out cars go through WOF assessments twice a year, so never fail to verify the WOF sticker and the subsequent testing schedule. Remember to validate the registration, as well.

Having an expert group like the Automobile Association (AA) do another round of check-ups is needed when you want to be really sure. You can also do a thorough background research on the car to prove that it was not stolen.

Once bought, you need to inform the New Zealand Transport Agency and you will feel safer to insure it as soon as possible.

Upping Sales Value

Selling a used car is quite different from buying it but both endeavours follow certain guidelines that will help maximise your gains. You actually have the option to deal with cash for cars in Tauranga that will save you some precious time. Although, it is still better to make efforts first to raise the value of your used auto for a higher return. If the vehicle is all but totally unusable, selling it to a wrecker is your best and cheapest choice (you don’t have to repair anything).

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You should get ready with maintenance work receipts if your car is working rather well, and you have buyers who are more interested in a car that is fine-tuned often. Before setting the price, visit an AA car exhibit to know the value of similar second-hand cars.

Simply follow these rules and reminders, and you will be successful in buying or selling your used car.

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