Getting to and Around Perth the Easy Way

Transportation in PerthPerth is a popular tourist destination because it is well developed and rich in culture. Even if it’s your first time to visit and tour around the city, you won’t get lost and feel in danger. The next train or bus stop is not that far and maps are always there to guide you. With a little bit of planning and research, you can make the most of your time here. Here are some transportation means to help you.

From Airport to City

The Perth airport is less than an hour away from the city centre, so you won’t be hassled. There are a few choices to get there: ask your hotel to pick you up, hail a taxi, ride the Perth shuttle, or get on the bus. All options are safe but vary in amount, so it’s up to you to decide.

Renting a Car

If you love driving, you can choose from different cars for rent and roam around the city independently. There is a wide range of vehicles for rent, from SUVs to 8-seater commuters, according to Aries Car Rental. They come in different sizes and prices, so choose one that best suits your needs. Of course, this will be more expensive than using public transportation, but it is more convenient for those who love privacy.

Trains and Buses

Train and bus stops are strategically located near the top tourist destinations, parks, restaurants and malls around Perth to give both locals and tourists an easier time to get to where they need to be. Perth’s public transportation options cover the city centre and metropolitan areas including Joondalup, Midland, Fremantle, Armadale and Mandurah. For easier access, print your own map of the train and bus stops or get one from the airport before leaving for the city.

These are your best options when it comes to traveling in Perth. Make sure to do your research in advance and build your itinerary based on the destinations’ distances from each other.

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