Getting Under the Hood: Car Repairs You Can Actually Do On Your Own

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 | 426 views

Car RepairAsking someone to do something for you involves money, and one such thing people like to ask a lot of others are car repairs.

If you went ahead and asked anyone this ridiculous question, you can expect a number of plain old excuses, such as it’s a mechanic’s job, the car might explode, or the problem might get even worse.

But, the thing is, it’s pretty hard to nick something from a car — or better yet destroy it altogether.

By simply inspecting and observing how the part works, you can actually do some quick fixes that doesn’t require any complicated training.

JMC Equipment shares some simple car repairs you can actually do:

The Only Tools You Will Ever Need

Every car is different, yes, but they’re all made of the same screws, basic nuts, and bolts. Here’s practically what you’re only going to need:

When choosing any tool, make sure that you’re comfortable with the grip. Otherwise, drop them and choose something else.

Drive Belts

Symptom: Usually, you can hear this problem while driving. To confirm if it’s truly a drive belt problem, inspect the area and check for cracks, wearing out, or looseness.

How to repair:

  1. Unload the tensioner
  2. Remove the belt from the pulley
  3. Check the pulleys using a straightedge
  4. Inspect removed belt for damage
  5. If it’s necessary, simply piece everything back together and use new tensioner and belt
Car Batteries

Symptom: Your car isn’t starting.

How to repair:

  1. If the battery doesn’t recharge anymore, buy a correct replacement battery
  2. Remove cigarette lighter and open the hood
  3. Use a wrench to disconnect the negative terminal first, then the positive terminal
  4. Clean terminal clamps and battery tray
  5. Attach the new battery. Positive terminal first, then the negative terminal
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Brake Pads

Symptom: Squealing sound when breaking or looseness of breaks.

How to repair:

  1. Cool down your vehicle first and loosen up the lug nuts
  2. Jack the car up to remove the wheels and expose the brake pads
  3. Remove the caliper bolts and hand it carefully with piece of brake line
  4. Pop out and change the brake pads with new ones and check the brake fluids
  5. Re-attach the caliper and wheels

See, it doesn’t take a genius to repair some of the most common car troubles. It only takes the will and effort to do so yourself.

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