Have a Safe Trip: Four Car Parts That Help Keep You Away from Accidents

Safe TripSafety when driving is something you should prioritize. Before you go for a ride, ensure that every part of your car is working properly. To be safe on the road all the time, there are some car features you need.

Air Bags

Your car should always have functional air bags for accidents. The air bag inflates to prevent possible injuries whenever there’s a sudden impact. Without this, you may hit the windshield, steering wheel, side door, or dashboard. Check the on-off switch of air bags before you start the car.


Worn tires can cause an accident. Every time you go to a gas station, check the air pressure and tread count. Check the alignment of your wheels when driving straight and letting go of the wheel a little bit. When getting new tires, Provo car experts recommend replacement every three to four years.

Seat Belts

Never drive a car without wearing your seat belt first. This also applies to passengers. Aside from the air bag, this can protect you by keeping you from tossing around in the car during a collision. Some cars have warning lights to remind passengers if they forgot to fasten the seat belt.

Head Restraints

Head restraints also come in handy during any type of accident. It limits head movements to avoid neck injuries and whiplash. You may have this installed at every seat in the car. Manual head restraints can only be adjusted by the hand, while dynamic ones automatically adjust to your body’s position, making them better at protecting you.

Make sure you have these car safety features to have peace of mind when out on the road. Even if you drive safely, there are still reckless drivers out there that may cause accidents affecting you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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