Heavy Equipment Industry: Earth-Moving Machinery

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Earth-Moving MachineryEarth-moving machines comprise a large set of industrial machines used in various industries such as mining, agriculture and construction. These machines include a vehicle and a robotic mechanism that is often mounted on the vehicle. Different earth-moving machines have different combinations of vehicle and robotic mechanisms. The robotic mechanism typically consists of links and joints to form a robotic arm and is usually powered by a hydraulic system and a tool designed for tasks such as loading or excavation of materials. The tools can be changed to adapt to different tasks.

Know the Different Equipment

There are different types of earth moving machinery. Knowing the difference and purpose of each is important in ensuring you get the right product when you need it.

Excavators: Excavators are used to shoveling dirt and heavy pieces of machinery and can be used on treads or wheels. They have a long bucket arm attached to a pivoting cab.

Bulldozers: Bulldozers are the heaviest earth moving machinery and are the best for shifting large amounts of dirt on spaces with rough grading, grinding rock, or wide open spaces.

Trenchers: Trenchers are used in digging trenches before laying down pipes. Trenchers utilise alternating digging functions depending on the job, providing great versatility.

Motor Graders: Motor graders are identified by their adjustable blade that makes surfaces smoother. They also have an additional blade that can be used for mining underground.

Diggers: Diggers are used for any digging operation required at the working site. Due to the diversity in operation, companies that deal with earth moving machinery rent diggers more than any other earth-moving equipment.

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Load and Carry Cycle vs Short Cycle

Earth-moving machines transport materials from one place to another. Depending on the distance between the loading and dumping points, there are two types of operating cycles: load and carry cycle and short cycle.

If there is a large distance between the loading and dumping points and time is spent in navigating, the operating cycle is known as a load and carry cycle. However, if the dumping site is close to the loading site: either a conveyer belt or a dump truck then that is a short cycle.

Earth moving machines require careful maintenance to ensure they keep giving quality service. While they are expensive to acquire, you can consult a company that rents diggers, bulldozers and other machinery to customers for whatever operation they may need to execute.

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