How Much Do You Know about Sandblasters?

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Apr 21, 2017 | 202 views

Man using a sandblasterYou use sandblasting equipment for surface cleaning, which is a mechanical process. Particularly, you would need this equipment to clean rust. If you can find rust on surfaces that require painting or coating, a sandblaster would come in handy. Learn more about this type of finishing equipment.

Sandblasters 101

A sandblaster, according to Syntech, is a piece of equipment that features a blasting nozzle. With compressed air from the blasting nozzle, abrasive materials are streamed (at high speed) to a work piece’s surface. The streamed materials are cut and impacted. As a result, a work piece’s surface gets the cleaning it requires. By using a blaster, you are also improving the mechanical performance of a work piece.

You can also refer to sandblasting equipment as an abrasive grit blaster. Due to the accelerated processing, a material will have a much better resistance to fatigue. After the process, it will also have higher adhesion force, which results in a smoother and more durable finish.

Sandblasters vs Shot Blasters

Because they are both usable equipment for surface cleaning processes, sandblasters and shot blasters are sometimes mistaken to be the same. The difference between the two pieces of equipment lies in their approaches for surface cleaning. You would also notice a difference in the application of the tools.

When you use a sandblaster, the power source is compressed air. On the other hand, centrifugal force is the power source of a shot blaster. In the process of cleaning, a sandblaster creates silicon dust. A shot blasting equipment does not create silicon dust, as well as a relatively high rate of pollutants.

When you use sandblasting equipment for cleaning surfaces, your main goal should be to create a smooth surface. To refrain from rendering all the work useless, you should also ensure that you end up with the right shape – the final shape that you want a work piece to take.

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