How to Care for Your Car the Way You Really Should

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Aug 14, 2017 | 312 views

Orange CarYour car gets you from place to place with speed, comfort, and convenience. You would want to keep enjoying that for as long as possible, so here is how you can take care of your car like the grownup you are.

Have It Professionally Repaired

Unless you have had some training, you might make problems worse if you attempt to fix them. You could end up paying for much more than the original damage. Take your vehicle for professional car repair at a Clearfield shop such as

Keep It Clean and Smelling Nice

It is not just the outside that you should clean; the interior deserves some love too. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt and debris especially from food, which can attract ants, cockroaches, and even rats. Wipe the vinyl, wood, fabric, and plastic parts with recommended protectant products.

Do Not Go Cheap on Oil

Your car needs regular oil changes. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended schedule. The manufacturer’s recommended oil is probably the best for your vehicle, especially if you know next to nothing about viscosity and the different types of motor oil. It’s advisable to replace the oil filter as well.

Keep Your Tires Inflated to the Right PSI

Check your tires’ psi regularly, especially before a long drive. Have them re-inflated to the right pressure at least every month. The wrong tire pressure makes your car use more fuel, wears down your tires faster, and compromises braking and ride comfort.

Check Your Brakes

Your brake pads will last about 25,000 miles, shorter if you are always in traffic. Replacing them is cheaper than replacing brake calipers, discs, and rotors. Worn down brake pads are also less capable of stopping your vehicle.

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Think as If You’re Selling It Tomorrow

Will your car fetch a decent offer or will you be unable to defend your price when the buyer begins to point out the problems? Thinking like this will inspire you to take better care of your vehicle, even if you have no plans of selling it anytime soon.

Don’t be like those people who drive around in a rusted wreck. Not only is it embarrassing; it also tells onlookers a thing or two about you, and a jalopy doesn’t exactly scream responsible and trustworthy.

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