Items You Should Have in Your Car

Car trunk overflowing with items

Every time you get in your car and drive off, you never know what surprises you might find along the way. If you have space and are not worried about the weight, there are many things you can bring as a protection for almost any manner of problems on the road. If not, at least keep these in your car for some of the most basic emergencies.  

Your Car Owner’s Manual

This manual is the first thing you should have in your glove compartment, to keep you from guessing what to do if a problem arises.  

Tire Replacement Kit

A spare tire, a lug wrench, a tire iron, and a tire jack – never drive without these. 

Duct Tape

Ever seen someone driving around in a car with the bumper or side mirror all taped up? Duct tape works for emergency auto repairs. Bring a roll to keep your car together until you arrive at that collision repair service garage in Waukesha County

First Aid Kit

This little kit might come in handy. It might even save you or someone else’s life. 

Jumper Cables

The only way to bring a dead battery to life is some kind-hearted driver and jumper cables. Bring these, and your car battery will spark to life again.  

A New Gas Can

Walk to the nearest gas station with a new gas can if you run out before you get there. Don’t bring gas in a can while driving. Don’t even bring an empty but used gas can. 


Changing a flat tire or checking a stalled engine in the dark is never a good thing. Bring a flashlight that could light up the engine if your car gives up on you. 

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Mylar Thermal Blanket

It’s lightweight and can be folded, but it’s warm and waterproof. In case you have to change a flat in the rain or get stranded in your car during a blizzard, a Mylar blanket is a lifesaver. A thick wool blanket, on the other hand, is more effective if you have to get under the car on a searing pavement. 


You probably have a smartphone with you at all times, and that’s good. But think about buying a small basic phone with a long-life battery that you can leave in your car for emergencies. 
Depending on where you live and where you usually drive, you may add more items to this list. Don’t drive around with an empty trunk; put it to good use with these items. You never know when you might need them.

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