Keep Business Going during Winter by Preparing Your Vehicle for the Season

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018 | 315 views

Close up of a car tires on a snowy roadFor you who have forgotten to prepare your company vehicles for the past winter season, you may have likely driven into problems on the road.

Because of these car problems, you may have lost precious time, resources, and even sales in your business, but next time, you can keep these car issues, and the lost business, from happening again.

You simply have to follow the preparation practices below.

Catch Up on the Maintenance

First, right before the next winter comes, you can catch up on your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Such company cars will naturally receive regular auto shop servicing, but if you have forgotten to have maintenance done before winter marks the best time to ask for maintenance.

You can then fix any issues you can find before they even cause trouble during winter.

Check or Replace the Tires

Next, you can look into your tires. Tire pressure will be essential during winter, and you can check this every month during winter season. Inflate when necessary. You can also change your cars to all-weather tires you can buy here in Miami from reliable vendors such as Armstrong Tire.

Some experts may suggest winter tires, but with the climate of the Magic City, you can get by with all weather tires in Miami.

Pay Attention to the Battery

Third, you can pay attention to your car battery. You can make sure that you still have enough battery for your vehicle to last through the winter. You can also keep the battery safe by parking in a garage. In case of any car breakdowns on the road, a free pair of jumper cables will be great.

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Coat Some Wax on It

Lastly, you can add a coat of wax that will help protect the company vehicle from dirt and salt on the roads. Salt, in particular, can cause extensive damage in the long-term since salt encourages corrosion in metal. You can coat your entire company car with wax then for protection.

Now, you know what to do to keep your company vehicle safe during the winter. In turn, you will be able to have business as usual, because of a functional car.

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