Keeping Your Driving Experience Smooth & Enjoyable

Woman's car breaking downHaving your car break down is the stuff of nightmares for many motorists. One minute you’re cruising down the highway to your appointment, the next minute your car is choking and heaving before rolling to a stop. If you’re lucky, it runs long enough to let you pull onto a shoulder. If not, it seizes and dies right smack in the middle. The latter puts your life in danger since other motorists might ram you from behind. Good thing, you can take a few measures to improve your driving experience and avoid such scenarios.

Empty your backseat and trunk

Unless it’s a toolbox that you need for work, avoid having unnecessary items in your car. While this might seem trivial, the additional weight affects the car handling and running costs. It lowers the mileage on the gallon and increases your braking distance.

The resultant shift in weight distribution changes the handling dynamics while putting your braking and suspension system under more pressure. Suffice to say, lagging too much weight translates into a spike in your maintenance costs.

Match your engine oil to your driving style

Most motorists are aware of the connection between a regular oil change and the performance of their engines, notes a reputable oil change service in Salt Lake City.

However, they fail to appreciate that oils are not created equal. The standard 5W-20 or 5W-30 oils are available in different viscosities to suit regular driving needs. If you run a high end, high-performance vehicle, you’re better off with the full synthetic oils. These ranges of lubricants carry a premium cost, but are engineered to give the same performance at both high and low temperatures.

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Car breakdown can be a major inconvenience capable of ruining your day and endangering your car. Luckily, you can take proactive measures and keep your car in great shape.

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