Knowing the Deal with Car Deals: Common Mitsubishi Lancer Issues

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015 | 652 views

LancerThe Mitsubishi has been in and out of rally races from the scorching deserts of the Sahara and the Atacama to the wilderness of Scandinavia. For many car enthusiasts, the Lancer, primarily the Evo, is one car that is great for projects and modifications.

For the average car owner, the three diamonds might as well is a failure in decision-making. Year after year, many of these car models are recalled because of numerous problems. While many learned to love the Lancer’s extreme manoeuvrability and modifiability, a greater number of individuals continue to flock car dealerships with a host of complaints. Here are a few of them:

Lurches and Revs Like an Untamed Horse

Car acceleration needs to be smooth and gradual. Although this trait is highly desirable in racing circuits, giving you that lightning-speed acceleration like those fancy boys on race tracks, you do not want that if you are just going to cruise along city streets. Car lurching and revving might indicate a problem with the catalyst or the spark plug. Or it can indicate an issue with the engine motor winding, the accelerator cable and the fuel injectors.

Shifting is Cumbersome

Whether it is manual or automatic transmission, shifting into appropriate gears should always be fluidly smooth. When coupled with the tell-tale signs of a transmission problem such as lack of response, burning smell and transmission fluid leaks, your shifting problems might just be the tip of the iceberg. A problem in shifting might indicate a more serious transmission problem. Solution is to have a mechanic inspect it and get the necessary replacement parts from Mitsubishi wreckers for decent savings.

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A Gas-Guzzler

According to JTW Autoparts, the Lancer was designed to race. The engine has been optimised to burn fuel with the raw efficiency of a rocket booster from the Space Shuttle. This is the reason car racers and modders love the Evos because of the raw power that they provide. But, with raw power comes humongous and often outrageous mileage to the gallon.

Other Common Lancer Complaints

Other Lancer owners have complained about the car’s brake problems, issues with the seatbelts and airbag systems, tire rubbing, and electrical problems among others.

Generally, Lancer owners are quite happy and content with their wheels, especially if they know how to handle the raw beast under the hood. That its why it is important to be very familiar with the unique characteristics of this Mitsubishi, so that problems can be best avoided in the future.

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