Lock Up: Hundreds of NZ Burglaries Are Left Unsolved

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Oct 21, 2016 | 380 views

Secured Home in New ZealandAnyone would want to live in a burglar-proof home, but not a lot of people want to go through the trouble of installing locks everywhere in their house.

Home security is a major concern among residents in New Zealand neighbourhoods, what with the alarmingly high number of unsolved burglary cases in several areas. As the following reports show, locking up may be long overdue for those victimised by uninvited house guests.

Burglary on the Rise

Late last month, a report from NZHerald.co.nz said that a surge in cases of burglary, assault and robbery is a cause for alarm in Kiwi neighbourhoods. The official crime statistics showed that there were 12,529 more victims than the year before, which is equivalent to a 4.8% rise in crime rate. In August last year, there were more than 70,000 victimisations related to burglary.

Earlier this year, another report from the Herald showed that an average of 164 burglaries a day are left unsolved.

Police Minister Judith Collins attributed the increased crime rate to a lack of police officers in Kiwi residential areas, emboldening intruders and making homes easy targets for such individuals.

The Security of Kiwi Homes

Even as the police minister admitted to the lack of law enforcement officials, Kiwis still need to evaluate and enhance the security of their homes to avoid similar incidents in the future.

A reformed burglar shared several unexpected factors that attract an intruder to the home. In addition to unlocked garage doors, noisy construction jobs and alcoves concealing the entryway make for an ideal target. The former allows a silent break-in and the latter offers privacy as the burglar gets into the home.

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More Sophisticated Techniques

The burglar demonstrated how a determined criminal can use security measures for his advantage, proving that robbers now have more sophisticated techniques when victimising households. Even so, this does not mean there is no longer a way to deter them.

Although bolted doors and locked windows remain as top security measures and deterrents, new tools such as the DNA spray, which invisibly tags would-be robbers and keeps them from getting away with the crime, are making waves as effective methods.

The new spray is still in the testing stages, so for now, homeowners can only depend on trusty deadbolts and locks for their safety.

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