Lorry Crane Services: 4 Measures to Provide Assurance to Your Workers and Clients

If your business is offering lorry craneservices, you should be able to provide safety for your workers and customers. You can start by having a trained operator when your lorry crane is under rental.

Trained Operator

You need to know this first because among the major causes of lorry crane accidents are operators who didn’t undergo proper training. You may find yourself in a court battle if you don’t train your operators. Aside from that, your clients may cancel their contract if they find out about this. It’s important, therefore, to ensure that your operators know how to handle lorry cranes safely and responsibly.

You can even earn more profit if you have a trained crane operator, as they enable you to provide reliable services. If you’re consistent with the job you deliver, your business can become a trusted source for crane rentals.


Crane operators should never overload a crane. Prior to lifting, Wong Fong Engineering noted that there are precautions each worker must take. An operator must first consider the job requirement for a lift, identify and control hazards, and consider the area where the lifting shall be done.

Safe Use

Your crane operator should know when to stop using the crane in unsafe conditions. While operators maintain a crane logbook, they should note or report any problem or unsafe condition to you immediately. Never allow your workers to use a faulty crane until it has undergone inspection and repairs. You should never let it go for rental until you’ve finished these, as well.

Repairs and Modifications

Speaking of repairs, you shouldn’t change anything in your crane unless advised by its manufacturer. For this reason, you should contact and inform the manufacturer about the faults or damages before it will undergo repairs. They can provide helpful information about how to fix the cranes they built properly.

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If you want to make your lorry crane services more profitable, invest in a trained operator. Your business operations and clients will thank you.

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