Metal Companies Are Called Out for Releasing Cancerous Toxins

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016 | 505 views

Metal Storage in ProvoEnvironmental pollution is a crisis that is occurring on a vast and unpredictable scale around the globe. One of the major factors contributing to the issue of air pollution, however, is the unethical business operations of some companies in the industrial sector. Some metal processing plants, for instance, pose a threat to the environment and endanger public health due to their release of dangerous and cancerous toxins.

A Long Standing Health Concern

Health concerns over pollution from metal plants have been present for years. According to air district regulators studying metal pollution in the working-class community, there have been excessive amounts of dangerous toxins released in industrial areas in previous years. Until recently, however, air district monitors haven’t been able to push for new emission rules to protect the general health of residents.

A Recent Incident to Shed Light on the Issue

Until late October of this year, air district regulators weren’t aware of the gravity and magnitude of the situation. When air monitoring personnel conducted an inspection and found a hotspot that released dangerous toxins more than 350 times the normal level — with high concentrations of hexavalent chromium, a carcinogen linked to lung cancer — it was enough to bring stricter regulatory policies into motion.

Taking it one step further, county health officials tracked down businesses that had been in violation for a number of years. In fact, they ordered two metal-processing plants to stop releasing toxic emissions or risk shutting down operations.

A Calling for more Sustainable Productions

With the latest air quality issues brought to local and federal attention, regulators are encouraging industrial companies to re-evaluate their manufacturing process to make them pollution-free. agrees with the action, saying that an environment of safety and good health should be encouraged by striving to continually improve effectiveness, efficiency, and cleanliness in all their services.

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Dealing with the toxic emissions is a challenge, given the limited number of inspectors and the large number of industrial facilities. With stricter regulatory policies in place and the consistent inspection of operators, however, there is a chance of potentially eliminating the pollution hazards little by little.

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