Moving On: Get Over a Painful Breakup Without Breaking Down

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Dec 16, 2016 | 534 views

Painful Breakup in Queensland When a relationship begins, it feels great. Every little moment you share with your significant other is a time you never want to end. Sometimes, it does end and you have no other choice but to accept the fact that some good things simply don’t last. What would separate you from everyone else who’s had a failed relationship, and what will eventually define you and how you face life, is how you move on.

Here are some ideas for you to move on:

Focus on You

Without blaming yourself for what happened and without becoming overly self-absorbed, learn to focus on yourself for once. This means thinking about what you really want for yourself now that you’ve got the independence to have or do it. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to travel or get a new dog (he was allergic) or maybe now you can work on that home remodelling project that he never wanted. What matters is to figure out what makes you happy.


This is for those who can’t move on because every corner of their home reminds them of their broken heart. If you own the house, rent or sell it. It may take time but at least you’re doing something. Move to a new location you’ve always fancied. You don’t have to buy; you can rent and see how things go from there. If they don’t work out you can always move to another place.

Get a new ride

This is how car dealerships in Queensland can help you move on. Look for a car that’s perfect for you and you alone. You’ve always wanted a sports car or an SUV, but your partner is always singing the Prius’s praises. Now it’s up to you. Nothing quite like a long drive in your new car to symbolise your freedom.

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Now that nobody will judge you for your choice of friends, or now that your friends don’t have to tiptoe around anybody, it’s time to rekindle old bonds and relax. You can go hiking with your best friend again or have coffee without having to look at your watch.

There are great relationships — until they’re not. Stop punishing yourself. Get out there and forget about the person who broke your heart.

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