New Road Projects Coming Soon to Northland

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Mar 27, 2017 | 292 views

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A new road will connect Northland and Auckland soon. The New Zealand Transport Agency announced last month that a new motorway will be built separately from the State Highway 1. Authorities aim for the motorway to reduce congestion in Northland-Auckland routes, improve the safety of motorists, and support the economic growth of Northland as motorists will reach Northland easier from Auckland.

New Motorway Route

The route of the new motorway will be integrated into existing local road network west of the Dome Forest. The motorway will connect the motorway sections of Pūhoi and Warkworth. The route will continue towards the Hoteo River via the Dome Valley’s western area.

From the river, the motorway will cross to the east over SH1 and into a planned interchange at Wellsford’s Wayby Valley Road. Another interchange will rise adjacent to Mangawhai Road that will connect the new motorway to the SH1 section north of Vipond Road.

Four-Lane Improvement to SH1

Besides the proposed new Northland-Auckland motorway, improvements will be made to the State Highway One. The four-lane upgrade will be applied to the section of SH1 between Whangārei and Point Marsden Highway. Northland mayors have expressed their hopes and enthusiasm over such a project.

Improved Road Capacity and Safety

The road upgrade will serve to ensure the improved safety of commuters and visitors to Northland. The improvement will help remedy the SH1 problems of flooding, slips, and ongoing repairs. At the same time, the four-lanes will provide a wider space for freight and heavy traffic.

Haulage Needs in Roadwork Projects

With such major roadwork projects underway, earthmoving transport will be needed. When you have similar projects on a smaller scale such as roadwork (or even other earthworks), Cates Brothers says that you can rely on Northland freight services to haul or cart earth away from your construction site. Northland freight contractors can give you a good value for your money for earthwork jobs.

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It may be an exciting time for Northland with such developments underway. The new motorway and the State Highway One upgrade will be able to contribute to the growth of the Northland region.

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