On Its Last Leg: Signs of a Dying Car Battery

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016 | 205 views

Car BatteryTo start a car properly, you need to have a charged battery. Without a functioning battery, even the healthiest of vehicles can be incapacitated and it can be frustrating once it occurs. Pickering’s Auto Service says that the life (and death) of a battery depends on many factors. Before a battery gives up the ghost, however, it will generally give several warning signs. Knowing about them will help you head off any chances of a breakdown in the future.

Car is Not Starting Properly

A dying car battery will create car-starting issues. Its extremely low charge will produce a clicking sound when you try to start up the engine as well. Furthermore, when the car struggles to turn over but the engine starts up promptly, the problem is likely battery-related. So, if you notice any of these car-starting issues, your battery is probably on its last leg. It might be high time to get a new one.

Problem with the Lights

Another indication of a dying car battery is the dimming headlights. If you believe that your battery is about to die on you, test your headlights. To do this, get a friend to check the brightness of your headlights as you start your car. You’ll know that the battery is failing when the headlights fade during or after the car has started.

Electrical Accessories are Affected

A dying battery can affect the function of electrically operated accessories: some or all of the electronic accessories will run sluggishly; the dashboard lights aren’t bright; the radio won’t be as loud as you want even if you turn up the volume; or the windows roll up or down slower than usual. These electrical accessory problems all point to a battery that’s on its way out.

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These are just a few signs that will help you determine whether or not you’ve got a failing car battery. Remember to replace it before further problems arise. If your car isn’t showing any signs of future battery failure but you want to know about the current health of your battery, bring your vehicle to an auto shop for diagnosis.

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