Pieces of Equipment You Need to Start a Farm

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Sep 14, 2017 | 346 views

Busy day on a farmMany Australians that venture into rural living often think of starting a farm. There is a good reason for this. Farming can be a highly lucrative venture when you do it right. To get you started, you need to get the proper equipment for the job.

Here are items that should be part of your list as you shop for your first farming equipment.


Certainly, you will need a plough when first breaking up your land, but that is just where it starts. After primary tillage, harrows are the ideal tool for breaking up the clods to make it much easier for your crops to grow. You should be able to find an affordable harrow here in Australia in farm equipment outlets.


As the name suggests, seeders help in planting seeds. There are varieties of them on the market. If your farm is still small, you can opt for a simple seeder. For farmers that want to start a plantation, air seeders are much better.

When choosing seeders, go for the modern ones, as they are faster and more accurate than older models.

Fertiliser spreader

For better yields, you are going to need fertilisers. A fertiliser spreader helps in broadcasting fertiliser evenly on the farm, so all your plants get the appropriate nutrients. There are several types of these in the market.

The broadcast spreader, the slurry spreader, and the manure spreader are among the most common ones.


After all your hard work, a combine helps bring home the benefits. It is the piece of equipment farmers use to harvest the crops. A combine will do three tasks at once. It reaps the harvest, threshes it and winnows it. Some modern winnows also provide yield data, so you know how well you did.

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Of course, you will need other tools and equipment to make your venture more successful. The four on this list, however, can help you break ground.

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