Precise Machining on Small Parts

Manufacturing IndustryIn the machining industry, the smaller the part, the more difficult it is to manufacture. You may work or have a machining company yourself. You may know then how small parts in the automotive, electronic, and medical industries can be quite complex. The complexity and the small size make it additionally hard for regular manufacturing machines. Thanks to CNC Swiss turning machines, however, micromachining can become a walk in the park.

Swiss Machine for Swiss Watches

Swiss-type turning is a kind of turning center; it was initially designed for use in the Swiss watch industry where machines to manufacture complex precision parts were needed. In comparison to regular lathes, instead of the tool moving while the part stays put, Swiss-types does it the other way around. It can move the part in a Z-axis while the tool remains stationary.

More Tools for Machining

Swiss-type turning centers have live tools that provide milling and drilling capabilities to the machine besides turning. Milling processes usually happen in a machine’s Y-axis. In addition to the milling and drilling, backworking tool stations have boring and drill tools with which finishing touches to the part can be made. With all of these features, it is actually possible to complete machining in one session only.

Benefits for You

With a swiss-type turning machine, you can enjoy several benefits. You can have cycle times that are reduced. You can also save funds since smaller diameter barstock are much cheaper. You can perform machining without personnel manning the machine. You can even gain a new type of work you weren’t able to do in the past such as micromachining.

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Possibilities for Work

You can work on a stock that has diameters up to 1.25”. You can also run the machine at RPM’s that reach 12,000. You can finally deliver on those orders that demand intricate and tiny parts. You also can work only on a Swiss-type machine instead of using drilling and boring machines separately.

Machining has never been this precise without Swiss-type turning centers. Perhaps you can use a machine such as this.

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