Preventing Auto Damage from Excessive Sunlight

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Nov 13, 2015 | 580 views

Can Sunlight Damage in AustraliaA bright sunny day might feel nice, but did you know that it can damage your car? While it’s not immediately obvious, constantly leaving your car out in broad daylight is actually bad for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Excessive sunlight will fade, crack, and tarnish everything from the dashboard to the upholstery.

How Can You Protect Your Car?

While the problem is a very real one, it is actually quite simple to prevent. These measures should eliminate any risk of serious sun damage throughout your car’s lifespan.

  1. Install window tinting – The first thing you need to do is install tinting on all of your windows. This greatly limits the amount of harmful UV rays and heat that can reach your interior, so it makes an immense difference in the long run. Perth car window tinting services, such as TintWorks, offer a fairly large range of products for you to choose from.
  2. Park in the shade – As much as possible, never leave your car exposed to direct sunlight. Park in garages, under cover, or in the shade. This also helps keep the car at a cooler temperature for when you return. Nobody likes getting into an extremely hot vehicle.
  3. Maintain outer coatings – A layer of wax on the car’s paint helps protect the body against sun damage, but it can fade and chip over time. Make sure to have it reapplied when necessary. You can even look into stronger coatings like synthetic paint sealants.
  4. Use protective products – Finally, there are some products that can be applied to your car seats to make them much more resistant to sun damage. This is especially important if they are made out of leather, which is prone to cracking. Ask your dealership for specific brand recommendations.

Fixing sun damage is much harder and more expensive than avoiding it in the first place. With these tips, your ride will look great for years.

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