Preventing Crime Before it Happens: Garage Door Security

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Mar 17, 2016 | 555 views

Garage Door SecurityCriminals often take advantage of garage doors left open in the middle of the night. When the opportunity presents itself, criminals will also break into a garage door in broad daylight.

When working on your yard, taking care of household chores, going out for a stroll, exercising outside, or arriving home, you may leave the garage door open for a while, especially in an environment you consider generally safe and secure.

Practice caution, though, as it only takes a split-second for criminals to take advantage of a situation like an unattended garage with opened doors. But even when a garage door is closed, anyone with a coat hanger and enough patience can fiddle their way into opening it.

Garage Door Security cites ways to secure garage doors:

  • Disabling the emergency lever will stop criminals trying to break into homes rarely experiencing power outages.
  • Removing the string, accessible from the outside when hooked by a hanger, stalls anyone trying to break into a garage.
  • Locking the lever with a padlock or threading through the mechanism with a plastic cable tie will bar anyone from opening the door.
Window Security

If a persistent thief can find an opening in your garage, they’re going to utilize that and create an opportunity to access your garage security. A window next to a garage door gives criminals a peek inside, seeing valuable items or an opening from where they can reach for the lever. Here are upgrades that strengthen window security:

  • Installing curtains or frosting the window glass
  • Installation of window locks to secure windows from prying eyes
  • Barring windows
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Utilizing Garage Door Innovations

Automated garage door openers, timers, proximity sensors, and smartphone applications are some security options technology offers homeowners.  Installing garage door openers enable opening and closing doors without the trouble of physical labor.

Smartphone applications, like the Liftmaster MyQ, are also gaining use in motorizing doors. It offers homeowners the capability to open and close doors using their mobile phones. Users of the application can also receive information regarding the safety of their homes.

Garage doors are integral parts of a home—its accessibility is crucial to any homeowner. Relying on law enforcement alone is not enough, as even the local police remind homeowners of criminals breaking into garages when given the opportunity. With the implementation of safety measures and the technology available to further garage security, homeowners can worry less about criminals breaking and entering through their garage doors.

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