Privacy Policy

Apart from cars, we also give high importance to our readers’ safety. We firmly believe that this is critical in maintaining a healthy environment for learning. As we aspire to become the leading reference for cars, our team is working hard to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit of our site. Your experience with our site correlates to how well we are able to safeguard your security; because of this, we have set several policies. Such policies will prevent any inconvenience in that you may experience in the future.


Your identity is your most precious asset, which is why we want to safeguard it. Having said this, we do not support the use of cookies in our site as they may track your information and online activities and may lead to complications.

Personal Information

We strongly discourage sharing any personal information unless our visitors send it to us voluntarily. We want to ensure the safety of our readers and as much as possible, we refrain from asking such sensitive data.  Any collected data however shall only serve as a means to contact our viewers, send them feedback and reply to their inquiries. Such information shall include your name, e-mail, and other details that will enable us to reach you much easier.

External Links

We want to give our viewers the best readership experience, which is why we allow external links to be present in some of our articles. Despite this, we highly encourage our viewers to read and understand their policies first prior to sharing any information.