Promote health and safety when working at height

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Work Safety in CannockThe Increase of Working at Height Training Courses

Working at height is common in a number of industries, particularly in the construction industry. Contractors and tradespeople need to take great care when carrying out work at height, so organisations are taking part in promoting safety to help avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Construction companies and equipment manufacturers such as Premier Platforms are offering training courses that help employers and their workforce to promote safety within the workplace. Here is a snapshot of why specific training courses are required;

Preparation for Working at Heights

The Health and Safety Executive recently released guidance for working at height, to help employers comply with the Work at Heights Regulations set in 2005.

The overall aim of the regulations is to help employers avoid fatal accidents and injury caused by working at height. The document is applicable to a range of companies and can be distributed to staff to help educate and spread the message on how to be more safe.

To ensure compliance and safe operations, companies hold workshops with their staff to discuss what measures need to be carried to ensure work is conducted as safely as possible.

Working at Height Accidents

Unfortunately, hundreds of fatal accidents and injuries occur each year from working at height. The HSE recorded 190 cases of injuries per 100,000 workers in 2012 and 2013, and around 40 cases of fatal accidents resulting in death per 100,000 workers during the same period.

In addition to the injury, the number of accidents create an unproductive workplace with working days being missed and build programmes being delayed. So far, around 1.5 million working days have been missed. These accidents are also costly for the company, with around 1.5 million workers compensation claims filed as a result. It also damages the reputation of that company should regular accidents be taking place, with risk of being shut down.

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With working at heights being a dangerous activity at work, a number of employers and organisations are taking the initiative to carry out extensive training and workshops for their employees to promote safe working and avoid any unnecessary accidents. The objective is for zero accidents to happen and for the staff to be able to go home every night knowing that they were safe.

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