RACQ Expects Car Ownership in Brisbane to Fall in the Future

4x4 wheelsThe Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) believes that car owners in Brisbane will decline in the future, amid the expensive cost of parking and changing preferences among locals.

Off-street parking for 30-minute and one-hour periods in the city cost the most in the country, according to an RACQ report. The high price comes as there are few parking spaces around Brisbane, as the Brisbane City Council has limited them over the years, the report noted.

Car-sharing scheme

Steve Spalding, RACQ head of technical and safety policy, said that car-sharing services would also be more in demand due to inner-city residents preferring them to buying and owning a car. Spalding described this arrangement as the “Netflix for cars,” which will allow people to use cars when they need one.

Residents who own cars have begun to take advantage of this need to earn income, by enlisting on the Car Next Door service. The local council has also approved the first ride-sharing service in a Toowong development recently in 2017. Whether or not you plan to own a car, using a vehicle entails safety habits.

Summer driving

The RACQ said that many Queensland residents would travel by land during the summer period for their Christmas vacation. Drivers should stop for at least 15 minutes every two hours if they plan to go on a long trip since fatigue causes up to 20 per cent of crashes on the state’s roads every year.

Car owners should also bring their vehicle for servicing to check for any issues, according to 4X4 Rustproofing. If you own a 4WD, rust proofing in Brisbane or a simple engine tune-up will be important given the hot weather.

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Queenslanders will have their different reasons for choosing not to buy their own car. If car-sharing services become more common, fleet owners should regularly check their vehicles for safety purposes.

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