Road Safety Should Not be Optional

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Jan 29, 2018 | 412 views

Road safety signRoad accidents happen for the most random reasons, but not all of them are unavoidable. Some accidents could be preventable if only all parties took the time to invest in car maintenance and paid attention to road safety signs. You may think you won’t be involved in an accident if you’re not driving on highways or if you’re following the speed limit, but that’s not all there is to road safety.

Here are some reminders for motorists:

Inspect Cars Regularly

Your vehicle may be working properly, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s wrong with it. Some problems take a while to show noticeable signs even though they’re already getting worse under the hood. A vehicle inspection should keep you from sudden engine failure while traversing the roads of Alexandria, VA.

Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are there for a reason. Even if the roads are not congested, you should still pay attention to traffic lights. The last thing you want is to be surprised by another car–all because you didn’t stop at the red light. It’s also dangerous to pedestrians if you don’t stop when you should, as it’s their time to cross the street safely. If everyone followed the rules that applied to their specific condition, the roads would be safer, and everyone can be more confident in their driving.


Don’t let your phone or someone else in the car distract you from the road. There are mirrors to check and speed limits to follow. If your music is turned up way too loud, you might not notice someone else trying to get your attention. If you’re texting or calling someone while driving, you might hit a person, car, or object. If you are arguing with someone else in the car, your elevated emotions might cause you to drive faster than the speed limit.

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Some road accidents are unavoidable and outside your control. To stay away from avoidable accidents, however, comply with road safety guidelines to keep everyone safe.

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