Shipping Container Safety: Unloading Tips

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Apr 6, 2018 | 212 views

Man checking the shipping containersThousands of shipments are made around the world daily. With the world economy continuously growing, it is no surprise how different industries are now widely connected. But before reaching your doorstep or store shelves, products come from very far away and undergo a tedious process to ensure not just their quality but also their safe arrival.

Sometimes, such arrivals are at the expense of human life and safety. Accidents happen in the shipping docks or truck unloading areas even after the shipment has arrived. While the news would highlight aircraft or boat incidents, accidents related to the improper unloading of cargo rarely get the attention of media. Unloading shipping containers from trucks and other modes of transportation is never easy and may be dangerous in its own way.

Proper safety measures must always be observed.

Tips for unloading shipping containers safely:

Unloading at the right place

Unloading with a sloping incline can pose more risks than unloading at a flat surface. After all, gravity works, regardless of the weight. Unloading in an area where there is ample space is always a must.

Careful maneuvering

Careful maneuvering is also essential. Not all goods are packed tightly, and they can shift or move when the truck moves. Careful turns and movements should always be kept in mind.

Opening safely

Standing in the middle of the door, waiting to see the shipment is a big NO. With all the twists and turns the container went through during the journey, it is possible for the contents to have been released accidentally from the rope, making it a potential hazard once the doors open. Always stay clear of the door.

Investing in the right equipment

Necessary equipment can help make movements easier. Make sure you invest in the right one to not only make the job easy but also keep the people safe.

Life and shipments are equally valuable. Learn to unload shipping containers safely to preserve both.

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