Stop the Clutter: Keeping Your House Clean & Orderly

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Nov 14, 2016 | 435 views

Home Cleaning in PinkenbaLife is one big party, but even parties end and need a cleanup. The plastic cups and empty bottles on the floor, the half-empty bags of chips, the doused coals on the barbecue — without a cleanup, you’ll be stuck with rubbish all around the house.

Party or not, cleaning up is part of life. It doesn’t matter how many bins you fill because there will always be something to get rid of. Humans have a lot of trash after all. You can only imagine how your property would look like if you didn’t play your part. Here’s how to keep your property clean and orderly:

Organise a cleanup with the family

It might not be easy to convince everyone to join you, but you can still explain its importance. Schedule the cleaning ahead of time, so they could set a goal getting rid of clutter at their own pace. Whatever they have not used for a year or so is a candidate for throwing out or for a garage sale.

Fix the garage

The problem with garages is when you start with a box of old things you don’t need, more boxes start piling up over time. Simply because it’s the garage, you assume it’s all right — until you barely have any room to move. The old car you’ve been planning to fix for years is still there, preventing you from getting a second vehicle.

Hire towing services from a Springfield tow truck service provider to take that old car to the junk shop. While you’re at it, take out all the boxes of clutter. Organise your tools and garden supplies on the walls and leave more room for your car.

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Donate old clothes and other belongings

If you’re not the type to organise a garage sale, donating old things is a good way to get rid of them without them ending up at the landfill. Every year, put things that are still usable but no longer needed in boxes and donate them to a charity that could use them. You might even get a tax exemption for your kindness.

A filthy and cluttered house is not a comfortable house. Get rid of all the things you don’t need and you can be sure your house is easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, you’ll free up a lot of space.

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