Storage Options and Advice for Classic Car Collectors

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 | 366 views

A classic car on a proper garageBecoming a classic car collector is no easy feat. You need the patience to look for classic cars that can be difficult to find. You also need an eye for potential in beat-up classic cars that need only careful restoration and repair. Finally, you need enough funds to buy the cars or restore, repair and maintain them. Included in your expenses will be the storage costs of your collection. shares some useful insights.

Home Garage Maximization

Once you have acquired a sizeable collection of three or more classic cars, your home garage may lack the space to store these timeless treasures, unless you expand your garage or you use a car lift. A car lift can help you maximize the vertical space in your garage by raising one vehicle while you park another under it.


Alternatively, you can use self-storage units for your collection. Some self-storage facilities offer units designed specifically for cars. Most units also have climate-control and protected by 24/7 security.

Costly Storage

The downside of storage units, however, is that you have to drive a distance to access your collection. You will also need to rent several units to house several cars. Expanded home garages with car lifts can cost far less than the total cost of using self-storage facilities.

Car Preparation for Storage

Before you store your classic cars, you have to prepare them, especially if you will store them for a long time. While preparing, you can tune your classic cars, complete any repairs, and perform all other car care tasks. You can then fill up the vehicles with gas mixed with fuel stabilizer.

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Unless you have an entirely secure garage that can keep pests out, you can seal all car openings to prevent critters from accessing your vehicles. Finally, take out the battery and cover your vehicles with a sheet.

Your car collection is one of your valued possessions. With this storage advice, you can now store your classic cars and keep them safe from the elements and the intruders.

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