Tailgates: The Simple Answer for Flatbeds’ Loading/Unloading Woes

A Flatbed TruckThere is always a risk, no matter how small, when unloading or loading cargo from flatbed trucks. In any given situation, a few things could make the transfer risky. From imperceptible details such as an uneven parking surface to obvious mistakes like neglect of the fall shadow zone, these situations warrant that you take extreme precaution when handling cargo – even with flat bed trucks.

These are not just theoretical possibilities; there have been real-life incidents of such untoward incidents. Nobody wants these kinds of events on their records; as such, employing better transfer equipment should be at the top of your list. And, when it comes to safety precautions, nothing can be easier to integrate than tailgates.

The Simple Things

Tailgates are not a complex concept; they are a rather straightforward solution to a simple problem. Most of what you can buy from distributors, like Wong Fong Engineering, uses hydraulic systems to lift the tailgates. It is the safer option, and one that will make your truck crew’s job easier, as well.

Another ideal solution is to use a forklift to lift the cargo from the ground, rather than from an elevated surface such as the flatbed’s deck. These simple things help any delivery truck and make loading and unloading far more efficient.

Further Measures to Take

You can never be too cautious, when it comes to ensuring safety. So, aside from utilising the appropriate tools and taking the time to train your staff, you can also employ further measures. For one, always strictly enforce that no one is standing in the fall shadow zone, where persons are practically invisible. Another would be to carry out regular, thorough inspections of your equipment and your facility, along with environment analysis. Lastly would be to maintain lines of constant communication within your team regarding all aspects of your operations and safety protocols.

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The small risks when transferring cargo have resulted in serious incidents, so it is really not worth scrimping on your budget, when it comes to resolving safety hazards. You can always aim for better standards, even with something as simple as tailgates.

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