Are Termites Eating Away Your Home? 3 Signs to Tell

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016 | 427 views

House Termites in IndianaTermites: one of the biggest enemies of anyone who lives in a home. It is a big pest problem in the United States, and getting to know them better is one of the most effective ways to counter their destructive power.

Knowing how to tell when you have a termite infestation in your home can make a huge difference between a comfortable, safe home and one that can actually pose safety hazards to you and your family. So here are three of the signs you should look out for: they will tell you that you have a termite problem.


When termites emerge from their eggs, they will soon start developing wings. Having wings mean having the ability to reproduce. Their offspring can quickly learn to fly and find their own nesting places, but one thing remains certain: they do so in swarms.

In other words, once you see swarms of termites, know that you have a pest infestation problem.


Once it is time to reproduce, a pair needs to find an appropriate place for their mating. Usually, they do so through burrowing in the ground or an organic structure like wood. To ensure nothing disturbs them, they seal themselves off.

When their offspring grows old enough, they do all the hunting and feeding for their “parents.” Simple sugars usually comprise their diet, which you can find in the cellulose found of wood and other wood-based materials.

When these insects eat wood, protozoa in their stomachs digests it and releases it in the form of an unpleasant smelling excrement. Their fecal matter comes out in very small, thin strips with rounded ends. So foul odor plus these pellets indicate you share your home with these destructive pests.

Mud tubes

Termites need moisture, because without it, they will dry out and die. So, they build mud tubes, your third telling sign of termite infestation. You will usually find these in basements, crawlspaces, inside walls.

Whether you only see the first sign or all signs, know that the best thing to do is to call the experts. Professional providers of termite and pests control solutions will help you exterminate these pests from your home.

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