The Common Activities Needing a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickerIf a task involves reaching a certain height, chances are it also involves a cherry picker. It goes by many names – boom lift, basket crane, mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) or even a hydra ladder. In New Zealand, people call it a cherry picker.

Whatever you like to call it, many commercial activities employ this type of machine. Cherry Picker Services, a local company, describes cherry pickers as versatile pieces of machinery that allow access to high and hard-to-reach places.

Whether you are looking to buy or hire a cherry picker, here are the common uses of this type of machinery.

  1. Telecommunications and Electrical Work

Servicing electrical and telephone poles are probably the top activities where we use cherry pickers. The machines allow workers to reach the required height to repair damaged lines or to simply do a routine check. While we commonly use heavy-duty ladders for the same purpose, cherry pickers provide a safer way of reaching great heights.

  1. Fruit Picking Activities

Of course, we use it to pick fruits, especially cherries. This is where the machine got its name because to start with. In the past, people use ladders to pick fruits from trees. With cherry pickers, you can do the job faster.

  1. Filming Activities

Movie companies and TV stations use cherry pickers to allow their crew to film at a higher vantage point. These are great in filming races and other sporting events where a higher vertical height can provide greater shots.

  1.  Fire Services

Fire officials attach cherry pickers to some firetrucks to help firefighters rescue people from higher altitudes. Firefighters call it a snorkel. While some firetrucks have attached ladders, cherry pickers provide improved safety and get the job done faster.

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While there are many advantages to having your own cherry picker, especially for regular and long-term jobs, you can always rent one for smaller tasks and short-term use. These ensure that you are getting the top-of-line equipment to help improve your project’s chances of success.

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