The Fear Factor: The 3 Benefits of Frightening Yourself

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Monday, Apr 23, 2018 | 309 views

Boy in a water themed parkWho would want to scare themselves? Common sense will dictate that giving yourself the scares is not a good idea. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get stressed, would you? But experts claim that some scare tactics can be healthy and actually good for you.

Sounds ironic, eh? If you look at it deeper, there are many factors that make it better. Before you judge yourself from cowering at a haunted attraction in Charleston, SC, think of such an occasion as a way of bettering yourself or making yourself much healthier. Sandlapper Water Tours list some of the benefits of being scared (for fun!):

It thrills you

The thrills can be one of the top benefits of getting yourself frightened. Haunted attractions and scary situations can trigger your fight-or-flight response, which in turn will give you some adrenaline rush. This is practically the same sensation or emotion you will feel when you are excited or are engaged in extreme sports.

It distracts you

When you are scared, you are making your mind much more alert than usual. With that, other thoughts are set aside since you are busy examining your surroundings and plotting ways should “harm” come your way. Going to haunted houses and similar attractions may help you forget some of your worries even for a while; it technically gives your mind a good restart or reboot.

It pushes you to be brave

The idea of scaring yourself is akin to challenging yourself. It is a task that needs to be fulfilled. And because it is all about goals, you develop the trait to become brave to finish this task. At some point, you will be able to gain some confidence.

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Who says scaring yourself is just stressful? The next time your friends invite you to a haunted attraction, think of it as a challenge to make yourself much better.

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