The Modern Office: How You Can Make a Haven of Ideas

The Modern OfficeWhen thinking of office spaces, many people picture the boring white walls, the bad acoustic board ceiling panels, hospital fluorescent lights, and tiny cubicles where they have to make do with small spaces. They make it as personal as possible with family pictures and small stuffed animals, thinking it may do the trick — if they’re allowed to do so.

Nowadays that image is blurring thanks to industry giants like Google and Facebook, whose offices are anything but boring and serious. One look at the artistry employed to create one of their rooms and you’re already curious enough to send in an application.

If you’re a business owner thinking of redesigning your office, here are some ideas to make it more exciting and in tune with the modern workers of today.

Use Murals and Wallpaper

A white wall is not a wide expanse of inspiration. To prevent torturing your employees with it, use it as a canvas. Commission a young artist to paint an exciting mural, or call a design company to apply their creativity. Make your wall come alive with modern or even retro inspired wallpaper. The point is to send a message that you value creativity. Even putting your logo there is better than nothing.

Encourage Walking

People would try to fit in a packed elevator to avoid walking. This is unhealthy. Go against the flow by installing staircases. Even slides are becoming common fixtures in a modern office. Active Metal suggests finding a company that’s popular for manufacturing the finest internal and external stairs to encourage employees to walk to their destination.

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Give Every Room a Theme

Themed rooms are more exciting than those that look the same. Look at the offices of Pixar in California; they have sheds instead of cubicles. You are free to name the rooms, too. The meeting room can be the War Room and your office can be the Iron Throne, for example. It’s all about creativity.

There’s nothing worse than feeling uninspired to work because your environment is making you sleep. With modern office ideas, your premises can be a haven of ideas.

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