The Reliability of Modular Process Systems

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Mar 10, 2017 | 326 views

From power generation to air quality control, modular process systems are a reliable Modular Machinesalternative to on-site construction of process systems. These “plug-in” packages are partially assembled at their manufacturing facility and then packaged into skids. You can combine skids to create a larger process system at your facility.

Companies like Integrated Flow Solutions offer a wide range of modular packages for the process industry. This may include air quality, fuel gas conditioning, and vapor recovery. Skid systems present several advantages to traditional system construction:

Improved Quality and Build

One of the advantages of a modular system is that it has a better build compared to build-on-site systems. Since everything is packaged into modular skids, there is less room for error during the assembly process.

In case problems do arise, modular systems make it easier to perform troubleshooting as you can isolate issues readily. You can perform an assessment on each skid instead of scanning the entire system at once. On top of this, you can just call the original manufacturer in case you need additional servicing — there is no need to call multiple numbers for each component.

Ready for Operation

Modular process systems are used everywhere, from small businesses to large-scale manufacturing. They can optimize the entire operation and produce more sustainable results.

Since they require minimal assembly compared to on-site construction systems, they are ready for operation. This minimizes down time as everything already arrives pre-tested, which makes it easy to integrate them into your other processes.

Cost Saving Solution

The greatest advantage of modular systems is that they cost less than build-on-site methods. Instead of burdening the end user with the construction and assembly costs, the components are already assembled for you. This saves on installation costs and repairs. You can also avoid delays due to weather, lack of workers, and shipping.

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Overall, modular process skids provide unparalleled reliability in industrial sites. They improve efficiency while being cost-effective and easy to install.

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