The Story Behind The Porsche Wheel

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porschePorsche is best known for superior performance and excellent handling, and the Porsche 911 has been a great car since it was first made in 1966. Part of its commercial success lies in the use of top-of-the-line equipment. No expense was spared and in every single vehicle, the Fuchs wheel has almost become synonymous with the popular brand, being with the model since the first time it appeared.


The first Fuchs wheels were 4.5 inches wide. These days, you’ll have a hard time looking for this make. In fact, ask a Fuchs dealer and the best you’ll get would be a look of disbelief. The wheel itself is incredibly light, as it was made of aluminum, as opposed to the steel rims of other makes. The reduced mass allows for greater acceleration for the Porsche 911.

In fact, one sure way to determine the authenticity of a Fuchs wheel is the weight. Fake or duplicates are normally heavier as the alloy used to make the original ones are forged and light. 16-inch Fuchs are usually within the #18-20 range in weight.


These days, most Fuchs wheels available are only replicas of the old ones but they can still be found on modern models of old cars such as the 997 Sport Classic and the extremely modern 991 50 Jähre edition. You can still get genuine Fuchs wheels from real dealers online, such as It’s safer to choose these dealers than risk buying from a person or business you’re not sure about.

The Seventies

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1974 saw an increase in size from the rare 4.5 inches to a whopping 7-incher for the front and 8-incher for the rear wheels. It’s not much but at the time, those were really large wheels. But the seventies weren’t smooth for Fuchs as they were replaced by ATS during the later years.

The Eighties

The “five-leaf” design was back with a vengeance in the eighties, becoming a standard on all Porsche models for the decade. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to keep up with the trends and they were soon replaced with “Design 90” rims, much to the disappointment of Fuchs fans. Its spirit lives on as most wheels that followed it take their design from the original Fuchs.

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